ndɔmi dɔmi
by Stephanie Lindquist

May 3 – June 15, 2024

Dreamsong is pleased to present ndɔmi dɔmi, Stephanie Lindquist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Named for the homophonic MƐnde words for ‘floor’ and ‘story,’ the works in the exhibition depict the daily life of residents and the surrounding environs of Mɔndema, a village in Sierra Leone. Of Liberian ancestry, Lindquist’s recent time spent in West Africa gave her the opportunity to build lasting relationships while learning about and participating in local approaches to farming and cooking. The intersection of agriculture, sustainability, and community is central to the artist’s practice, and she returned from Sierra Leone with soils of varying hues sourced from the grounds of a local mine, preschool, swamp, farm, well and construction site. Using these soils as raw pigments, Lindquist produced a body of work constructed from the very land that feeds and sustains life in Mɔndema.

A man sitting on a chair in a painting.

Stephanie Lindquist. Williams, 2024. Swamp, Dovalema, Well, Baoma, Dɔmagbiami, and acrylic on cotton. 8 x 10 in.

Things Worth Saving
by Sarah Thibault

May 3 – June 15, 2024

In Things Worth Saving, Dreamsong’s second solo exhibition with Sarah Thibault (b. 1980, Minneapolis), the artist presents a series of vivid new landscape paintings. In luminous palettes of feverish orange, humid pinks and blues, and neon purple, they depict trees, mountains, and volcanoes as embodiments of a vast range of human emotion and spirituality. Licked by fire and imbued with tenderness, Thibault’s landscapes highlight both nature’s precarity and its unique capacity to heal.

Sarah Thibault. If we were to rise up, rooted, 2023

Oil on canvas, in artist's frame. 60 x 48 in.