How To Trap A Demon

How To Trap A Demon by Tamar Ettun
4" x 5", accordion fold, 16 double-sided panels, full color digital inkjet print on 80 lb. cover with orange vellum belly band, edition of 111 + 11AP.

How To Trap A Demon is a new limited edition publication by Tamar Ettun. Through textiles, drawings, sculpture, video and performance, Ettun explores somatic empathy, trauma-healing modalities, and ritual. Her recent work centers on Lilit, an aerial spirit demon with origins in Sumerian, Akkadian, and Judaic mythology. In the 2nd-7th centuries, artist-healers created spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to trap demons like Lilit, who was characterized as a dangerously sexual female entity, and appeared frequently on incantation bowls used in protective rituals. Enthralled by the images inscribed on these ancient objects, Ettun studied their vocabulary and developed their own language that revives these practices through a contemporary feminist lens, subverting Lilit’s misogynistic archetype and revamping her image as an Empathic Demon. The publication features instructions on how to trap your own demons alongside images by the artist.

Printed and designed by Dog Eye Press in collaboration with Tamar Ettun.

2024, English

4 x 5 inches, softcover

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