A glitter of seas

A book published to accompany the inaugural exhibition at Dreamsong, "A glitter of seas". Images of artworks and film stills by Nan Goldin, Nicole Havekost, Tamar Ettun, Julie Buffalohead, Laurel Nakadate, Sarah Irvin, Camille Henrot, Sheilah and Dani ReStack Allison Baker, Moyra Davey, Krista Franklin, Frida Orupabo, Amy & Rudi Wong, Christina Fernandez, Sheilah ReStack, Melanie Schiff and Beatrice Gibson.

Original texts by Rebecca Heidenberg, Nicole Havekost Julie Buffalohead, Laurel Nakadate, Sarah Irvin, Camille Henrot, Sheilah ReStack, Moyra Davey, Frida Orupabo, Amy Wong, Christina Fernandez and Beatrice Gibson.

A glitter of seas presents a wide spectrum of maternal experiences through an exhibition, film screenings, readings and a publication. The project features deeply intimate and personal work, unflinching explorations of the maternal body, conceptual projects, and work grounded in broader socio-political realities. "A glitter of seas" opened on June 4th, 2021, during the global pandemic of COVID-19. After this year, it felt important to pay tribute to mothers and to highlight their unseen and undervalued labor. Mothers are essential to our very existence, yet authentic representations of our bodies and experiences have been historically taboo and hidden from view. A glitter of seas is a gesture against this censorship.

Full color, 32 pages. Special insert by Tamar Ettun. Limited run printed at Shapco Printing.

2021, English

32 pages

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